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Nolin Electric Reference from Muni-Tech
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A Friendly, Economical and Efficient Electrical Company

I am writing you this letter as a company reference for the electrical company, Nolin Electric, Incorporated, with whom I have had a direct working relationship over the past 3 years but have also had a successful working relationship for over 10 years with Joe Therien, a primary electrician employed by Nolin. As they are looking for new clients and to expand further their business, I am sending you a recommendation to you of the services they may be able to offer you.

Nolin Electric and Muni-Tech, Inc have collaborated on many Accident Recovery Efforts in which motor vehicle accidents caused damage to light poles, controllers and traffic signals which often times require immediate response on their behalf. These projects have spanned a range from very simple and straight forward to very complex and intricate. They are a friendly, economical and efficient electrical company, one that I would recommend to any local business who need electrical work completed in a reliable and professional manner.

I thank you in advance for your consideration of using the services of Nolin Electrical, Inc., I assure you that you will not be disappointed in what they offer for their services.

Muni-Tech, Inc.
Benjamin P. Chruney - General Manager

Nolin Electric Reference from Site Specific
Download PDF Reference from Site Specific

Download PDF Reference

Working with Nolin Electric is a consistently great asset

It is my pleasure to recommend Nolin Electric based on the work they have performed for Site Specific over the last two years on a number of construction projects.

Working with Nolin Electric is a consistently great asset from my standpoint as a general contractor. From the preconstruction through closeout phase of every project that we have been a part of together, Nolin has shown their ability to efficiently and neatly complete electrical projects of all sizes and difficulties.

From a management perspective, Nolin is able to provide a very detailed estimate and understanding of the challenges of any project and throughout construction is able to identify and overcome challenges in an efficient manner. Nolin's field personnel are also very knowledgeable and competent to perform electrical work of all types and sizes.

Nolin Electric has proven to be very reliable when their services are required immediately or on an emergency basis and has never failed to deliver on a promise or an obligation. Overall, I would personally recommend Nolin Electric to anyone without hesitation as the level of service provided by this company is above and beyond what is present in the industry today.

Site Specific
Zach Plicher - Project Manager

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